Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A sweet but short lived experiment


Hey yall! I am finally snot, sore and ache free! I feel like I need to throw myself some sort of party to commemorate. Feels like it took forever to get back to normal. Part of the reason that it's taken me longer than usual is because I've having to do and take care of so much. However, things are now going back to my regular routine...I love my routine let's hope it can stay that way for a bit ;)

Yesterday, was my Saturday but I was asked to cover as we were short staffed. I was feeling pretty run down from the moment I woke up. When I am exhausted, I tend to get hyper in the sense of I need to stay extra stimulated or I will crash. 

On my drive in, I was listening to a podcast on the evils of sugar and found myself nodding during different times, it was so funny that when I came into the office, there were a couple of boxes full of Krispy Kreme Valentine's donuts for everyone to have. I immediately had two thoughts:

1.Its not Valentines yet!!
2. How fitting that I had been hearing about how bad sugar is for you and I have to come straight to this in the office!

As I was standing there, one of my coworkers came in and went straight for the luv bug donut. Between bites I was encouraged to eat one. I declined but continue to catch up with everyone. In the back of my mind, I was trying to guess how many grams of sugar she was eating so I turned it into a little game. I decided I would "pretend" in my head to be the old me, and figure out how much sugar I would have eaten in a regular day. I decided to use my coworker as reference when it came to taking a break and/or eating a snack. She's not big at all, but she's seems to eat ALL day like I used to. Unfortunately, I lack the genes and metabolism she has but that's another story .

So that's how I set out about my sweet experiment. I decided that I would have most likely gone for the luv bug donut as well because it sure was the cutest. That would have started me off with 30grs of sugar on an empty stomach. Because we had come in about half an hour before we were supposed to, my coworker asked if I wanted to walk to the starbucks. We are very fortunate (or unfortunate) to have a full starbucks within the campus. I grabbed a dark roast no sugar no cream but my "old self" would have chosen a venti  white chocolate mocha with whipped. 

As I'm writing this post, I'm looking up the nutritional data. I'm blown away by the fact that I would drink 75g of sugar in that!! Not to even mention the calories sheesh! Paired with the donut I would have started my day with 105grs of sugar and probably about half of my calorie needs for the day! I know not everyone is a calorie counter and/or food logger but it is something I have done and a big part of my success. The structure of it is something that I need in order to be successful. I have a hard time not being mad at my old self for being so careless....however, food and sugar addiction is a disease. Fortunately one I believe you can reverse through honesty, commitment and hard work.

When we got back to the office with our coffees, more people had come in and were partaking. We were both highly encouraged to partake as well. It's sad that I know I would have for sure had a second donut with my coffee only a few months ago. That would have added another 30 grs of sugar for a total of 135g before 8am!! I was comforted that currently, with my black coffee and hard boiled egg breakfast I wasn't putting any of that in my body. That's a relief! Now if I could just not need my coffee so badly it would be even better ;)

I decided right then and there to wrap up my sweet and short lived experiment. It was depressing to realize how huge of a grip sugar has had in my life for so long. I don't encourage comparisons normally. I believe you should NEVER compare yourself to others whether it's friends, family, celebrities, fitness trainers or your favorite bloggers. However, I do think you should compare your old self to your new self. Find in that comparison ways to learn about you and your behaviors and take a moment to give yourself a high five for how far you have come. It doesn't matter how far down the road you are, what matters is that you are on it! It doesn't matter what anyone thinks or if no one gets it. Keep pushing upward and onward!



  1. It's not depressing...because the past is past. It's cool because you are so much healthier and wiser now. :)

    p.s. you could've slept an hour or more longer, had you known they were going on a Sugarfest the first hour of work. LOL ;)

    Welcome back! Glad the snot is a thing of the past! :)

  2. God to see you back and glad you are feeling better. Self realization about your situations is the hardest part of the journey; it sounds like you are in great control; Keep it up!

  3. I'm so glad you are feeling much better! I agree that you shouldn't compare yourself to others but it is pretty cool to compare yourself to your old self!

    Good Post!


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