Saturday, February 21, 2015

Finding me time


Hey everyone, its been about a week since my last post. I keep saying I am back and then drop off for a week. Everything is going well for me, in some ways so well that I feel like I am crammed full of things to do and take care of that I ended struggling to find what I used to call my me time. When it comes to the journey to a better me, I cannot complain. I continue to make progress slowly but surely and that is amazing. I am committed and continue to try to learn and tweak as I go.

 We all enjoy different things and in different ways. For me, one of the ways I have found me time was by getting up a little early, taking a few minutes to meditate and enjoy a cup of coffee then maybe write on here before I got started with my day. Having that slow start sets the tone just right for my day, which is usually full of unexpected and most often than not a lot of organized chaos haha. 

 I am still getting up extra early, however time seems to be flying too fast for me to have my old me time and I have been leaving earlier and earlier for my commute because of the crazy weather. By the time I get home, there's dinner and chores and what not to take care of and before you know it, you better get your butt in bed since you gotta wake up early. My day starts and end in a rush. And I have no kids..How do you all Super Moms do/did it??? 

 I think that when I first started my new job, so many other things were changing that I just went with the flow. Instead of trying to find and adjust to a new routine I just tried to do it all at the same time.Now, after a couple of months, the original adrenaline is tampering off, the lack of structured routine paired with the longer to do list, and trying to find a way to juggle what I NEED to do with what I WANT to do is feeling a bit much at times . Sounds like such a first world problem huh? I know, I know.

 On my drive home yesterday, I was thinking about all of this and realizing that if at this point my biggest issue is how busy my days are...instead of fussing I should be thanking the *insert whatever you believe in* above. How lucky I am to have a home that needs to be cleaned, maintained and taken care of. How blessed I am to have a job that not only fulfills me but also provides for my needs. How proud I should be of how my hard work when it comes to taken the extra time to prepare meals or get a walk in when I am exhausted keeps paying off as I can see and feel the results. Do I really have much reason to complain about? Nope.

 I have to have these kinds of talks with myself every now and then, reframing and putting things into perspective does wonders for me. So this morning, I MADE the time to sit and enjoy my coffee, to catch up on my fave blogs and start my day in a way that makes me more likely to be in a better mood. If it really is that important to me, I should work harder at making sure I do it. Just like anything else. So here I am, meditated ( not medicated ;) ), two cups of coffee in and several blogs read later taking a few minutes to write out my thoughts before heading off to work...Until next time!


  1. Now that's the attitude I want to live by! Positive and thankful thinking breeds positive choices and behaviours. (Canadian spelling! :)

  2. Yes, sometimes we just have to treat 'me' time like any other appointment. And instead of putting it at the bottom of the to-do list, push it closer to the top. Because, as the saying goes, if we don't put our oxygen masks on FIRST, we won't be able to save anyone else. ;)

  3. Love your thought "one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day" ........ and it can.

    Onwards ........

    All the best Jan

  4. Great that you are still doing well. I always get nervous when I don't see someone blog for a while. Keep it up!


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