Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Musings

I was off today and I am off for the next two days!! so excited to actually get some down time where I can do what I want and need to do without feeling sick and struggling to get out of bed and feel productive . It makes it really feel like a mini vacation!

The weather men had been hyping some awful weather for the area since last week that was supposed to begin today. However, all we've gotten has been tons of rain. I'll take that over an ice storm any day. It will be tricky next couple of days with all the water on the road and our temps dropping below freezing for the next 48hrs. Crazy Alabama they say around here: don't like Alabama weather? Wait a minute, it will change. Glad I don't have my commute to worry about during that time.

I went shopping today and got me a nice fitted long sleeve white blouse in an xxl from Costco. I know xxl is big...too big but It has been so long since I've worn something that "small". I have gone ahead and retired my biggest sized clothes from my closet and al I can say is: 3x at the plus size department... I sure don't miss you at all!

That NSV should remind me not to attempt to have a controlled treat like that ounce of cookie cake. My tummy is finally back to normal! As Gwen would say it was an n=1. 

Once again I realize and my body reminds me that when it comes to certain things I can't do moderate...truthfully, I'm ok with that. Hope everyone started their week off right.until next time!


  1. There are many more exciting treats than a cookie! Glad your tummy is back to normal and how exciting about a smaller size!

  2. Whoop Whoop on the Non Scale Victory!!! Glad your feeling better!

  3. Fantastic NSV! And glad your tummy is starting to feel better. :) (and thanks for the shout out.)


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