Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 21 & 22

I made it to day 22!! It is so exciting to know I have succeeded so far. I am very happy with how I feel and although I haven't stepped on the scale as instructed I know I have lost weight. I think somehow some of the fat has to have moved as my tummy is a lil less round. 

People have actually noticed a new drop and I feel like my face looks a lot less puffy and round. Yay for the cosmetic stuff but the inside and the healthier I feel is even better.

As I come to the final stretch I am starting to think that o will probably follow a similar food template once I am done. My body seems to do best this way and there's a lot of junk I for sure do not want to reintroduce.

Here's my food for the last two days:
Breakfast was rushed so I had a repeat of banana and almond butter.
Lunch: grilled veggies and chicken Apple sausage.
Dinner: spinach omelet and beef patty. Not pictured was some watermelon.

Breakfast: sautéed green and yellow squash, sweet potato and a chicken Apple sausage.
Lunch: was a repeat from dinner the day before with a spinach omelet and beef patty. Not pictured were some yummy grape tomatoes.
Dinner: beef cooked in ghee, sautéed green and yellow squash and sweet potato.

I have another garden update for y'all!
Big mama and baby cucumbers. That big one is a tad longer than a half liter water bottle!!
Also got the fist beefsteak tomato, a couple of apples and a fig!!! Homegrown food tastes so good! And it's great knowing that no pesticides or anything messed them up :)

I am off the next couple of days and looking forward to it. Until next time!'n


  1. Great job, and yay for the loss that doesn't require a scale confirmation!

    1. Thanks Gwen! Hope youre having a great weekend!


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