Saturday, July 11, 2015

I finished it!

Woohoo! Yesterday was the official ending of my whole 30. It was a great challenge for me because it helped me cement some of the things that I was already trying to make part of my food template but also realize that I shouldn't try to over complicate things in order to continue my journey to health successfully.

 Although my skin is better, I think its become obvious to me that my breakouts are probably 95% hormonal and not diet related. I already had that suspicion. The sugar abstinence was not as hard as giving up hummus and the occasional bread. As I go back to planning out my food template, I think that i will abstain from reintroducing sugar and for sure not making coke zero another food group lol 

 Y'all know that I am very much a meal prep advocate. For someone like me, who has a hard time making better choices without a pre set plan, meal prepping is a way to have no excuse to not eat right. The 2-3 hours a week I invest doing so, are so worth being able to grab and go every day. I found some meal prep containers on amazon that seemed like a great choice. Because of the same size, they would be able to be stacked in the fridge and therefore optimize my shelf space. I ordered a ten pack to give it a try and I am in love!! 

 I have realized that I could probably fit 12 trays which would be 6 days worth of breakfast and lunch.

 After using them for a week I think they are great. Yes, they could stand to be a tad thicker because that might could make them last longer but i feel like for that price its not such a problem for me. I should get at least 3 good months out of them. 

 I am working this weekend and looking forward to catching up with blogs during my downtime. Have a great weekend!

ETA: In my rush and excitement I totally forgot to mention that I stepped on the scale this morning and saw a 6 pound loss in 30 days! I also have noticed a difference in my shape especially around my tummy and thighs. My pants are fitting so much nicer!


  1. I'm curious is you noticed a loss on the scale or a loss from your clothes fit after completing the challenge. Good for you for making it through!

    1. LOL! in my excitement I totally forgot to add that haha! Updating now!

  2. Congratulations in completing the entire 30 days ... that is awesome ... And 6 pounds! That is fantastic!


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