Sunday, July 5, 2015

Back to Work

It is Sunday and my mini holiday is over! I got so much done at home but at the same time got some much needed rest in. We did a thorough cleaning of the house which always makes me so so happy. We got some more clutter gone which resulted in several bags full of clothes and other knick knacks ready to be donated. I tried to be as unplugged as I could as well. I enjoyed reading and listening to music.Our usual group was out of town so my roomie and I didn't really have or made other plans. I cooked compliant hotdogs and burgers on the grill. I used lettuce for mine, buns for hers. Caught up on my shows and pretty much had some relaxed and stress free couple of days. I stayed good on the whole 30 but didn't worry about having to take a pic of everything I ate. Last night I got some meal prepping in so that I will be ready to tackle the week. I ordered some meal prep containers from amazon so I am happy/excited about the meal prepping to come ( doesn't take much to make me happy! haha). Today, I am back at work and ready to dive right back into my usual routine. I anticipate the next couple of weeks will be extremely busy but I feel my batteries have been somewhat recharged by the last couple of days. I hope everyone had a safe and fun weekend! Until next time!

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