Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Much Dreaded Visit

Hi everyone! Hope things are going good for y'all. I decided to write about the much dreaded visit I finally made this week. I went to the GYN for a followup. I know this is not pleasant for anyone, but I had kept avoiding it for a multitude of reasons.

I am trained and working in the healthcare field, therefore I knew that part of the reason why I had been avoiding/delaying this visit is because I am aware of my current medical issues and I was not ready to hear someone tell me what I needed to do about them. I also know that I will need surgery to either have a miomectomy or hysterectomy in the near future.

I know traditional medicine and its benefits can become a sort of controversial topic in the blogging world.. I keep reading on many blogs, about people not using or fighting the use of drugs for x,y and z. I respect everyone's view, but in my case, I could tell that although most of my issues will definitively get better with continued weight loss, but may need some extra help.

All my life, I have been able to stick to and get through a lot in order to accomplish something. However, never when it came to my health and weight. I guess I did commit to eating a diet full of excess and crap for many many years but that is not something to be proud of lol...bless my heart!

So at this point, although I am proud of the strides and progress I have made, I know that my hormonal/PCOS  issues are only one more obstacle along my journey. I have know for years that I suffer from insulin resistance, but chose not to do anything about it. I took the metformin pills for 2 days and haven't touched them again in 5 years. It wasn't the smartest choice back then and I knew I need to start being better to my body in all areas including my medical needs. I have a very severe case of it and although diet and exercise are a must and have helped tremendously, I have finally admitted that I need to be on the medication as well.

I am 36 years old but constantly joke about being "forever 27". It makes me feel real good when I still get carded at the casino or people think I am way younger than my real age. Heck, we all have our different areas that boost our self esteem. Therefore, Being one of THOSE people who take daily medication makes "forever 27" not as seem as likely lol

 It is more a mental issue because who cares? If I was a diabetic, would I not take insulin because it makes me feel "old"? or if I had thyroid issues would I do the same? No, it would be stupid of me to do that to myself. I decided that just because I made a chose to not take drugs for 5 years does not mean I don't need them. It just means that I have been kidding myself all this time. My professional brain does this, I have just been using my "regular" brain to think about this matter for way too long.

So I am now taking metformin and spironolactone for my PCOS and fibroid collection. .I was able to discuss not wanting any estrogen therapy due to my family history of breast cancer.Surgery is still on the horizon but it is not urgent. I loved loved  my doctor and I was able to discuss open and honestly with her what I have done for my weight so far, my worries and questions and that I really would rather be able to lose as much weight as possible before going under the knife to reduce some of the risks.

I am not sure how the drugs will affect me or if they will play any role on my current weight loss journey but I am excited to find out. Some people have found it easier to lose weight while on metformin while other have not. I will let you know how it goes. I am also hoping the spironolactone allows my thinning hair to stop and  my chin breakouts to at least improve. I am sure I will be writing about that in the upcoming weeks.

After psyching myself out about the visit for a couple of days, It wasn't as terrible as I thought. I encourage any of you who are reading and KNOW that something is up that you need medical help for, to do what is best for you and stop avoiding. Yes, there are some awful healthcare professionals who lack bedside manner and empathy out there and I know there's not enough GOOD HELPFUL UNDERSTANDING physicians around but they do exist. If you know the problem is much bigger than what you can do on your own, don't hesitate to do what is necessary..YOU  AND YOUR WELL BEING ARE SO WORTH IT!


  1. Good for you Alati ... I am another one that hates to go to the Dr. and hates to take any meds but this year I have come to terms with it ... I guess I'm okay with getting older ... because that handful of morning pills sure has gotten big. But you are right "You and your well being are so worth it!"


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