Friday, August 21, 2015

It has not been pretty but its looking up!

Hi y'all! I am finally back on track with my eating 100% . I am having to go back to being super strict with my portions because it seems it is the only way I can continue down the right path. It seems that any time I am more lenient, I start pushing my limit a little more. So one tiny slip may eventually suffer from a snowball effect...and I don't even want to risk starting to even form that snowball. So I am mentally and emotionally ready to get back on the horse saddle so to speak.

In regards to my medication, all I can say is....IT HAS NOT BEEN PRETTY!! I am still working my way up to the full dose of metformin my doctor wants me on, but its been hard. Although I am taking the extended release version that is supposed to reduce the GI issues, my tummy has been suffering terribly. The first couple of days I had some terrible heartburn followed by some other not so pleasant symptoms...I'll spare you the tmi!. All of that that has gotten better with the addition of a pro-biotic and my body getting used to it. I know that if I didn't think this pill would help me, I probably would not make myself endure all this trouble. So I will continue pushing because I know it will be good for me as long as my body gets with the program and can tolerate my dose.

Otherwise, seems like everything else is stable. I am more in control of my eating and reestablishing my routine! My furbaby is still not fixed but slowly working towards getting there, hopefully a few more weeks until she is able to bear her whole weight on her repaired knee. Hope y'all have a great weekend! Until next time!


  1. Alati my daughter has PCOS and they recommended Metformin and she never did get use to it ... but my brother was given it for his type II diabetes and he has no problem with it ... Strange. Glad to hear you are back on Track ... I'm maintaining but I just can't get with the program ...

    Sorry that your furbaby is not healing as fast as you hoped will continue sending good thoughts and prayers

  2. Good luck! You sound like you are on the right path in so many ways!!!


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