Monday, August 10, 2015

How does it apply here?

Every now and then, my coworkers and I will have some semi deep thoughtful conversations. There is a wealth of knowledge and life experience among us due to the fact that we have so many different backgrounds and life stories. Someone posed the question her therapist had asked at the end of their session, She wanted to know what we thought. So she asked us " Would you rather be right or happy?".

My initial reaction to this question was HAPPY OF COURSE!! However, the more I think about it, the more I realize that the answer is not as easy. To be honest, I REALLY LOVE being right lol! It is so not a black and white situation. Depending on what context you analyze this question, the answer may be even harder to come up with. I mean lets face it who doesn't like to be right??Seriously, I am sure most if not all of us have had an acute case of knowitallitis at some point in our lives.

 I try to think about it in regards to our fitness and weight loss journeys. Sometimes, I have felt that we get so lost in the wanting our own approach or views to be the right ones that we can end up being unhappy and still not right. If  we thought that eating Brussels sprouts for the rest of lives would make us be healthy and fit happy would you really be? When it comes to eating right and changing our lifestyles, it seems that the key is finding the balance between what is right for us but that would also allow us a happy existence.

Think of how many times we have "known for sure" that x,y or z approach was just what we needed. I know that in my short time of trying to better my health, I have felt that way a few times.Then after a while, I have found that it is not sustainable in the long run, that it didn't really give me the results that I wanted and/or that not eating x or eating just x,y makes me terribly unhappy. As always , seems that I go back to being flexible and being able to learn as you go. It is a learning curve  that may look different for each one of us. Until next time, Keep pushing!


  1. Excellent post with many great points, Alati!

  2. Very thoughtful post!

    But ... Of course I want to be right all the time! LOL not that I am but hey as long as I tell everyone I am then hey what the hell!

  3. Yes, right may not be sustainable. The other thing? Right may be right right now...but next week it isn't right. And my right may not be your right! Flexibility really is the key!


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