Saturday, September 19, 2015

Thinking of a new name...

I'm considering changing the name of this blog to the weekly doggy problem blog lol! Quick  doggy update: I don't have many good news to share. During our last checkup, the surgeon told us that it seems that her kneecap is slipping and it is not healing as it should. A third surgery is a valid possibility in the next couple of weeks if things do not improve. Needless to say, I am not looking forward to that, for her sake and ours ( our wallets too!). On the bright side, she is happy and pain free. You wouldn't know she has an issue until she tries to hobble around .

I know when I started this blog, I wanted to write about what was going on with me and at the time, things were working in a way that it seemed that I had the most time and ability to focus on my journey to health and it alone. I think that was the only way to start reeducating my brain and trying to find my way. Along the way, I have understood that my health problems may make my journey a slower one but not an impossible one. Sometimes we can use that as a crutch to not even try.

Fast forward to now, health and my journey is still important and but I have lost my edge and focus as a main priority.It just means that every now and then, when life gets in the way I cut myself a bit of slack since I tend to be an all or nothing kind of person. This does not mean I am completely off the wagon and back to my old ways. .Thankfully I do have some more self control than that! However, I do feel that all the stress and going ons have allowed me to give myself permission to let loose when it comes to my journey. Not being as strict about meal prep, sprinkling some bad foods in between well portioned and balanced meals.

In thinking about this, I initially thought that it was a fully negative thing. But as the weeks go by, I realize that this has been a good "test". You see as a former binger, I know that stress and anxiety have been my fastest triggers. But it has not been the case for the past few weeks and even before that, since I started writing. Through the stress, I have managed to stay binge free. This is one of the thing I set as a goal for myself. Being able to not listen to my brain and follow the instinct to binge. Loving myself enough to know better.

Real and every day life is so different for each one of us. Whether you have kids ( furry or otherwise), a high stress job, a loving relationship or a dealing with a loss, we all have day to day choices to make that concern our health. Some days choices come easy and without issues, some days good choices are a struggle. Some days you choose the bad and then feel bad.That is real life. Real life cannot always be about  perfection because we are not nor will we ever be.

This week, I have restarted being more aware of my food choices and making an effort to be better prepared with my meals at work. Having good food around me, makes it easier to reach for better choices. It has definitely made a difference since I have lost the couple of pounds I had gained plus an extra pound.

I have continued eating as low carb as I can manage . My physician recommended I add some whole grains to my diet, which I had been avoiding in my food template. I have come to a compromise that I feel I can live with ( for now).  I have started adding a serving of whole grain to my breakfast at the recommendation of my doctor but, avoiding those and added sugar during the day. We will see how I feel about it as the days go by.

I hope all is going well with y'all. Until next time, Don't forget to be kind to yourself!!


  1. When I started my blog oh so many years ago, it was pretty much 100% diet and exercise (ok I was very light on exercise at that point.) But somewhere along the way I realized that LIFE is one of the BIGGEST factors in how my weight loss efforts play out.

    Sometimes, we have to let life happen and just 'be'. Sounds like you've done a good job as life has swirled around never totally lost control and you have that 'itch' to get back at it Your doing fine!

    Hugs to the furbaby!

  2. I honestly prefer well rounded blogs, so thank you. Sorry about the ongoing doggy issues.


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